Center of Dreams and Hopes


Our respite program organizes and implements various recreational activities according to the clients interests and needs. Daily activities include those such as art, cooking, sensory, movement and community outings. Upon assessing the clients’ physical and/or emotional conditions, professional intervention plans according to the clients needs are put into place and facilitated by staff. Clients participating in this program would stay at our center, from Friday 5pm until Sunday 5pm. Personal care that is required for the client, such as feeding, dressing, toileting, bathing and administration of medication is also provided by our facilitators. 

In order to receive services for respite, it is important to contact your social worker from the CLSC or your educator from the CRDI.

For more information on our respite program, please contact :

Cynthia Cardazzi : [email protected]

Joe Strizkacs [email protected]