Center of Dreams and Hopes


Individual and Family Counselling & Consultation :

1. Family and Couple counselling for families experiencing distress/challenges related to their loved one with neurodiversity or for couples with neurodiversity experiencing blocks in their relationship:These services will include attention to relational issues that pertain to the caregivers and the person with neurodiversity. Families accessing these services may need support with: navigating life cycle transitions, problem-solving skills, relational dynamics, loss: grief supports. Overall, these supports are aimed to empower families with the tools for strengthening their emotional bond and communication so that they can navigate challenges in a more unified way.

2. Individual counseling for persons with neurodiversity: These services will be provided by mental health workers in the field of social work and will include the application of relational needs models,motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed practice. Individuals accessing these services may be struggling with a range of mental challenges that include but are not limited to: anxiety,depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, intrusive thoughts, personality disorders, suicidal ideation.

3. Access to brief crisis management/service orientation (as needed/at request of service users):Families who express an immediate need for support will be able to consult with a mental health worker on an as needed basis.

Group Counseling Services:

Group counseling includes 8-week programs focused on specific challenges that persons with neurodiversity may be experiencing. These groups take on a psycho-educative and relational approach. Group themes are developed according to the expressed or observed needs of our clients and include: Sexual Health, Body image, Being in Relationships, Emotion exploration, Building Social Connections, etc…

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