Center of Dreams and Hopes


1. Day program: Individualized programs would be created and implemented to enable educators to help clients achieve specific goals. Clients will follow a daily schedule and participate in activities such as art, movement, cooking and social outings. Target candidates would be clients with high needs, requiring increased support and attention. We target clients who require the ratio of one educator / one client or one educator/ two clients.

We offer this service to six clients, this room includes four small rooms and a common area for clients. In addition, this service allows noise-sensitive clients to have a quieter environment in which to work and flourish. French-speaking and English-speaking clients accepted.

2. Transition program: Interviews are held with parents to determine the level of the client, as well as determine which program where they will be placed. This will allow educators to identify their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, clients will have a one-month observation period with educators at the center. Once the interviews and the observation period are complete, clients will be assigned to one of the following three phases, as clients achieve the objectives of each classroom, clients are moved up to the next transition class.

***All phases of the transition program will also include recreational activities, artistic activities and community outings***

2.A) Basic skills: This component covers activities of daily living, including hygiene, eating, washing, dressing, etc. Each client of this program will have a personalized plan tailored to their needs.

2.B) Daily Living skills: This program is aimed at clients who can perform tasks independently, but still require support and encouragement. Also, this program will help them acquire some basic skills, such as math skills, household skills, functional reading and writing skills, self-care habits, emotional regulation and recognition. This program will also help clients recognize community standards and cues, as well as social etiquette. Our facility provides a training experience for clients. The room has a laundry room, as well as a kitchen to learn essential life skills.

2.C) Pre-Vocational skills: Clients enrolled in this program would focus on work-related tasks and vocational training. Activities include sorting, assembly, packing, cleaning and labeling in the workplace. A stream will also include partnering with other businesses and / or working on.

our own community selling projects or preparing for fundraising events. Clients will be trained from six months to one year. To this, they will integrate an internship in partnership with companies or will go to work on homemade products that they will sell to the community. Thus, they will gain professional experience by working with one of our employees on site.

***All phases of the transition program will also include recreational activities, artistic activities and community outings***

3. Independent Living Program: This program will prepare clients to live in an independent environment. Activities would include skills in home management and safety, cooking, housework, laundry, community access and basic financial management. A simulated apartment room will be used to help clients learn the skills mentioned above!. Our future goal is to build a center of independent living. Clients would be trained to live independently in an apartment, so that they could pursue their dream.

4. Cooking from the Soul: This program is training to help clients facing various challenges acquire vital skills in a kitchen environment. Clients will have hands-on experience and have the opportunity to learn food preparation, basic cooking skills, food safety, kitchen hygiene, cleaning and service. Clients who participate in this program could be part of our future employment program, which would turn the kitchen into a bistro, serving the community.

For more information on how to register please contact :

Cynthia Cardazzi ([email protected]) or

Dina Mohamed ([email protected])

Adult Education – Wagar        

Location: 12550 Boul. Lacordaire, Montreal-North 

Our montreal-north location has three classrooms for clients 21 years and older who support clients with different needs, an SIS program is runned by teachers and supporting staff from the EMSB.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Campbell : 514-488-8203 ext: 6212